NEW DATE: GET FIT FORE GOLF: New Program with Jillian and Ashley


Jillian and Ashley have developed a course to get your swing ready for the golf season. This program starts with a TPI screening allowing us to see where your strength and weakness lie in your body. You will be given a great number of exercises too perform over the next 6 weeks as well as PERSONALIZED exercises specific to your swing limitations. These physical limitations are some of the reasons you don’t “make a good turn” or you “come over the top” or you “sway or slide.”

TPI Screening Tests to Main Components in the Body:
1. Mobility (range of motion + flexibility)
2. Stability (balance + strength + muscular endurance)

Most clients want to hit the ball farther but simply don’t have the physical ability to create a full shoulder or hip turn. As a result they can’t create the proper swing sequence or enough rotation speed to really hit the ball a long way.
By identifying these limitations and providing some easy exercises to eliminate these limitations, correction of the golf swing is now possible. In many cases, it’s not your swing, it’s your body! Fix your body, and you can fix your swing!


17 of the last 20
Major Championships
Were won by players advised by a TPI Certified Expert

27 of the Top 30
Players in the World: Official World Golf Rankings
Are advised by a TPI Certified Expert

The two hour course will cover:
• TPI Assessment,
• Group Exercises,
• Swing Fundamentals,
• Yoga,
• Sports Mediation
• and more.

What’s great is this program keeps going even after the course is over. You will receive a weekly email for 6 weeks after the course that has a breakdown of what to do each day as well as video of Jillian and Ashley doing NEW exercises and explaining what part of the swing it helps. You will be provided with the bands necessary to do the exercises in the videos.

Good news you don’t have to remember everything from the day of the clinic Jillian and Ashley have put together a WORKBOOK for you to help guide you through everything.