Swinging Grandmothers Came to Play!!

Winning the Individual Format of the Swinging Grandmothers was Maureen Peet with a 82.

Second place was Nancy Cornish

Third Place was Joan Vaughan

Fourth Place in Retrogression was Deb Whalen

Winning the Great Grandma Flight was Hellen Broadhagen

Second Place was Eddy Fotheringham

In the Scramble Format winning Overall and from A Flight was Sandy Burns, Cheryl Cruise, Jayne Reynolds and Denise McCabe with a 64

Second in A Flight was Jill Walden, Cindy Schmidt, Donna Burrows and Trudy Catto with 68

Third in A Flight was Karen Crabbe, Ann Marie Raven, Doreen Wark, Susan Anderson in Retrogression with 70.

First in B Flight was Diane Pearson, Sally Clarence, Carol McDermid, Kathy Becker in Retrogression with a 71.

Second in B Flight was Mary Dingman, Nancy Taylo, Rose Yantzi, Gail Murray .

Third in B Flight was Antoinette MacDonald, Kim Catto, Debbie Catto, Mynona Paige with 74.

C Flight Winner was Jeanette Helgerman, Diane Moses, Janice Hannon and Heather Purdy in Retrogression with a 78.

Second in C Flight: Karen Martin, Lillian Everingham and Liz Foreman

Third in C Flight: Gail MacIntosh, Anne Burton, Robin Scott and Barb McBride with 79.

Closest to the Pin Hole #7: Helen Broadhagen (who is a Great-Great-Great Grandma)

Closest to the Pin Hole # 10: Robin Scott

Longest Drive Hole # 8: Sandy Burns