Couples Chapman Results

What a great day for our Couples Chapman Tournament.  What an exciting day with a hole in one by Wendy Kitchen on Hole #2.  Very impressive scores despite how windy it got for the second half of the day.     

Congratulations to Overall Winners: Len and Wendy Kitchen with an outstanding 69. 

A Flight Winner: John and Maureen Peet with 72. 

A Flight TIED FOR SECOND: Kirk Stewart and Judy Odbert, Derek and Betty Divok, Chris Harrington and Heather McAuliffe with 75. 

A Flight Fifth Place: Barry and Hazel English with 76. 

B Flight Winner: Dawn Fincher and Dave McDonald with 76 

B Flight Runner Up: Bill and Marion Houliston with 78 

B Flight Third Place TIED: Jeff and Brenda Sippel, Bob and Nancy Taylor with 79. 

B Flight Fifth Place: Kaitlyn Gravett and Rob Fitzsimmons with 81 in Retro. 

C Flight Winner: Steve and Bonnie Conners with 79 

C Flight Runner Up: Francine and Joe Looby with 80 

C Flight Third Place: Kevin and Pee Wee Johnston with 84 

C Flight Fourth Place: Joe Proniuk and Anita Upshall with 88. 

C Flight Fifth Place: Ken and Marlene Hundert with 89. 

Open Flight Winner: Devin Johnson and Karen Poulter with 78. 

Open Flight Second Place: Ryan Shelton and Jasmine Clarke with 81. 

Open Flight Third Place: Darren and Mary Scholl with 82. 

Open Flight Fourth Place: Mark Johnston and Jacqueline Martin with 88. 

Open Flight Fifth Place: Blaine and Diane Sutter with 90. 

Left Side Top to Bottom: Wendy and Len Kitchen, John and Maureen Peet

Right Side Top to Bottom: Dave McDonald and Dawn Fincher, Steve and Bonnie Conners, Devin Johnson and Karen Poulter