Are you at a point in your game, fitness & health where you’re overwhelmed, inconsistent, and feeling like all you want is just a realistic, golf specific, kick-tail routine? Maybe so that it takes the guesswork out of things so you can find more time to play, stop getting in your own way mentally, and FINALLY understand your body & it’s limits??   

FRIEND! The Off Season Training: Fit Fore Golf Program is here to help. This 3-month 90 DAY high-vibe, high-touch, and highly motivating online program is designed to teach you all the essential how-to’s you’ve been googling (low back pain relief, core strengthening, how to practice, swing drills, flexibility exercises…just to name a few), and accountability so that you can FINALLY shoot in the low 100’s/90’s/lower consistently, have a specific golf oriented mobility/strength program, and increased energy!   

Here’s the best part: if you work a full-time job, have a CRAZY busy schedule and still want to make your inner most goals happen…keep reading friend. I’ve designed this so you CAN and WILL get your results!

You’re in the right “PLACE” if you want to learn how to:

  • Implement a quick golf specific workout and mobility program that helps you build a repeatable and consistent swing
  • Feel confident in your own skin
  • Decrease low back pain so you can ditch the Advil bottle every time you play.
  • Increase self-control & DECREASE stress.
  • Get out of your own way mentally on the course
  • Take off a few strokes
  • Have consistent ball striking
  • Play MORE golf
  • Build a repeatable swing
  • Become more flexible, stronger, and have more endurance
  • Increase energy in between rounds!
  • Feel more POWERFUL
  • Improve accuracy
  • Feel strong throughout ALL 18 holes

I know you’re ready to start hitting it consistently, feeling flexible, and playing like the energetic golfer you’ve been fighting tooth and nail to become.


Workouts designed to help you:

    • Build Strength
    • Work on Balance
    • Build up your Endurance
    • Add Mobility / Flexibility
    • We designed these 9+ Workout Videos to help every level of golfer or anyone suffering from injuries a program that they can do anywhere!
    • This program uses Yoga, Endurance, Tabata, Strength Training and more to help maximize your success!!
  • We have 6+ Golf Drills that can be done at home during Netflix episodes or that hockey game! GO HABS! 
  • Each week of the 12 Week Program you will be getting a Video: Fitness or Golf Drill, Meditation and more!  This is a lifestyle it is not a quick fix.
  • Private Facebook group that will keep you accountable, focused and motivated!
    • If you don’t have Facebook that’s fine too we will be sending out weekly emails to check in, give updates and send extra motivation!!
  • 3 LIVE FACEBOOK chats that can be listened to LIVE or after on the REPEAT!
  • Workout Band NEEDED
  • This program can all be done at HOME or while you TRAVEL this winter!

I suffered from a pulled Rib this summer that had me side lines and I completed all the workouts while filming them and I am starting to feel like my old self!! I was able to do ALL THE WORKOUTS with only the normal soreness you have after a GREAT WORKOUT!!  (No back pain)  INJURIES ARE WELCOME!  We have modifications, or simply other exercises to do based on your fitness level, mobility or injuries for all levels.

If you know me you KNOW it’s my life’s mission to show you the road map to successful/pain-free golf, avoid all the unnecessary pitfalls, and tap into your personal RECORD breaking athletic potential. It’s in there, friend! 

EARLY BIRD PRICING $129 registered and paid by December 10th the fee will increase to $169 from December 10th – Jan 3rd.

Testimonial from our 2019 Get Fit Fore Golf 6 Week Program: “The Get Fit for Golf program is exceptional.   The effective workout routines are specifically designed to increase flexibility, strength, balance, stability, and endurance which conditions your body for a better golf game.  Each exercise is properly demonstrated and an explanation is provided as to the importance of the exercise as it relates to your golf game.  The videos are excellently executed and are available on demand in your own home (which is awesome).  I totally recommend the Get Fit for Golf Program, it helped improve my golf game tremendously in 2019.   Looking forward to the 2020 program.”- Kathy Jenkins
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