Give the Gift of Golf


Why Give the Gift of Golf:

I see golfers hit hundreds of balls a day and see no improvement.  Why is this?  It’s because they go to the range they start with the driver and they hit balls mindlessly.  There are no swing thoughts or drills going on to improve a specific area of their golf game.  Getting a lesson breaks down exactly what you are struggling with and a game plan going forward of how to practice with a purpose giving you the skills and drills to see success.

Playing better golf involves more than just knowing what the problem is and how to fix it. It requires continuous training and feedback over time—supervised practice, both on the course and off. And it requires making good decisions on the course that have little to do with how big a shoulder turn you’re making or whether you’re shifting your weight properly. So become better informed and invest in lessons to see the greatest improvement.

NEW Ashley’s Tip Book: I am so excited about my NEW Book!  This book is the perfect stocking stuffer for you.  This book includes:

  • Full Swing Tips
  • Pre Shot Routines
  • Approach Shots
  • Uneven Lies
  • Proper Warmup
  • Range Practice Sessions
  • At Home Drills
  • Putting Tips and Drills
  • Chipping Tips and Drills

This book fits in your golf bag so you can take me ANYWHERE YOU GO!

Cost is $20.00 including taxes.

The Off Season Training: Fit Fore Golf Program is here to help. This 3-month 90 DAY high-vibe, high-touch, and highly motivating online program is designed to teach you all the essential how-to’s you’ve been googling (low back pain relief, core strengthening, how to practice, swing drills, flexibility exercises…just to name a few), and accountability so that you can FINALLY shoot in the low 100’s/90’s/lower consistently, have a specific golf oriented mobility/strength program, and increased energy!


  • We designed these 9+ Workout Videos to help every level of golfer or anyone suffering from injuries a program that they can do anywhere!
  • This program uses Yoga, Endurance, Tabata, Strength Training and more to help maximize your success!!
  • We have 6+ Golf Drills that can be done at home during Netflix episodes or that hockey game! GO HABS!
  • Private Facebook group that will keep you accountable, focused and motivated!
  • 3 LIVE FACEBOOK chats that can be listened to LIVE or after on the REPEAT!
  • Workouts Band NEEDED
  • This program can all be done at HOME or while you TRAVEL this winter!
  • EARLY BIRD PRICING $129 registered and paid by December 10th and the fee will increase to $169 from December 10th – Jan 3rd.

Payment can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer to

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the packages, program or my NEW BOOK!

Ashley Gravett

PGA of Canada Class A Golf Professional