Ladies Scramble WINNERS Shoot 66

We are still very thankful that mother nature only dampened our Ladies Scramble a little bit during the tournament on Wednesday even though they were calling for server thunderstorms!  Thank you to all the amazing ladies who came out to play.

Big Congratulations goes out to the winning team of:  JUDY HUNTER, PAM YOUNG, DONNA LYNN URBSHAULT, DEBBIE PEGG for winning the Ladies Scramble with an impressive 66.

L-R: Donna Lynn Urbshott, Judy Hunter, Debbie Pegg and Pam Young.

First in A Flight:

Paty Hoto, Patsy Jacko, Annette Thournot, Betty Drinkwater

Second in A Flight:

Karen Fehr, Bonnie Wilson, Karen Sherwood, Lysanne Millar

First in B Flight:

Judy Gordon, Sandy Neable, Ellen Brown, Kathy Mitchell

Second in B Flight:

Becky Robinson, Kim Catto, Debbie Catto and Linda Brooks

Longest Drive Hole #14: Donna Lynn Urbshott

Closest to Pin #7: Sandra Burns

Closest to Pin #10: Chas Bos

Thank you to Triple Bogie for sponsoring this event and giving the ladies a sample of your new amazing Canned Wine.