NEW TIP BOOK: It’s Time to LEVEL UP Your Golf Game

🎄 Just in time for Christmas PGA of Canada Class A Golf Professional Ashley Gravett is excited to present her NEW TIP BOOK: It’s Time to LEVEL UP Your Game. 

⛳️This book It is a roadmap to play better golf.  The mental game is an extremely important part of the game and lasting improvement only comes when the golfer manages their mindset. 

•    Do you ever go to the practice facility with every intention of working on your game but just end up hitting balls with no purpose and are unable to transfer that on the course?
•    Are you sick of the lack of confidence around the green? Always worrying about 3-putting, blading a chip shot, or not being able to get out of a bunker?
•    We need to develop confidence with practice so that we can trust it when we head out onto the course.
•    This book is divided into four categories full swing, short game, drills, and performance. 

⭐️Included In this TIP BOOK: 
•    Full Swing Checklist
•    Golf Swing Myths 
•    Driver Tips
•    Weight Transfer
•    Aiming 
•    Approach Shots
•    Chipping and Pitching Tips
•    Putting Tips 
•    Drills: Full Swing, Chipping and Putting 
•    Breathing Techniques 
•    Take Your Game from the Range to the Course

📖 This book is great for the average or experienced golfer.  We need to create awareness of the areas of your game that need improvement.  If you have purchased any of my other tip books this is the next step to level up your game. 

⛳️This book fits in your golf bag so you can take it ANYWHERE YOU GO! Cost is $25.00 including taxes.

📧 Email Ashley at to order your copy today!