Swinging Grandma’s Goes into PLAYOFF

The Swinging Grandmothers took place on Wednesday September 5th 2018.  With a full field of swinging grandmothers we knew it was going to be a great day.

The tournament was renamed the Mary Gravett Swinging Grandmother tournament and changed to strictly 4-Lady Scramble for this year’s tournament.

Winning in a Shoot Out from the 100 yard marker on Hole #18 Nancy Taylor put her shot closest winning the Swinging Grandmothers for her team of: Mary Dingman, Nancy Taylor, Rose Yantzi and Gale Mowbray who shot an impressive 67.

L-R: Granddaughter of Mary Gravett: Ashley Gravett, Rose Yantzi, Mary Dingman, Gale Mowbray, Nancy Taylor and Sun of Mary Gravett: Gary Gravett.

Swinging Grandmothers: First in A Flight was Sandy Burns, Vicki Colquhoun, Cheryl Kruse, and Jane Reynolds with 67.

Swinging Grandmothers: First in B Flight was Karen Crabbe, Anne Marie Ravin, Bonnie Armstrong and Doreen Wark with 74 in Retro.

Swinging Grandmothers: First in C Flight was Patty Leslie, Carol Wakeam, Valerie Chessell and Greta Gelty with 79.