If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy of my NEW TIP BOOK I am so excited to announce that Finchers in Goderich and Kincardine are selling this book as well as at the Golf Course.
NEW Ashley’s Tip Book INCLUDES: 
• Full Swing Tips
• Pre Shot Routines
• Approach Shots
• Uneven Lies
• Proper Warmup
• Range Practice Sessions
• At Home Drills
• Putting Tips and Drills
• Chipping Tips and Drills
This book fits in your golf bag so you can take me ANYWHERE YOU GO!
Cost is $20.00 including taxes.
Email Ashley at ashley@sunsetgolfclub.com for your copy!!  If you are wanting it right away send me your mailing address to ashley@sunsetgolfclub.com and we will get one set to you or we can simply put a book aside for you with your name on it for when spring comes!