The Full 27 - 2021 Rates

Please note that all NEW adult 27 Hole members joining the Sunset course in 2021 receive 25% off their membership fees. This applies to the Adult, Adult Couple, Adult Couple Weekday and Adult Senior Weekday.

MembershipJanuary - April 14thApril 15th - End of Season
Adult 27 Hole (7 Day)$1095$1115
Couple 27 Hole (7 Day)$1875$1900
Couple 27 Hole Weekday (Monday-Friday)$1685$1710
Senior 27 Hole Weekday (Monday-Friday)$985$1005
Family 27 Hole$1900$1950
Intermediate Age (19-39) 27 Hole$655$675
Intermediate Couple Age (19 -39) 27 Hole$1175$1200
Junior (18 & Under) 27 Hole$425$435
Adult 9 Hole$680$700
Couple 9 Hole$1175$1200

Continuing for 2021 Season....

Due to popularity our 9 Hole Membership is BACK.  This entitles a member to play 9 holes of golf each day on either the Baby Boomer or the Sunset Course.  We feel this is also beneficially to those who have young families and work full time by giving them the opportunity to have the benefits of a being a member at a 9 Hole Membership fee.  We hope this membership will also be used as a stepping stone to the full 27-Hole Membership for those who feel confident enough to play all 18 holes.

Baby Boomer Golf Academy

MembershipJanuary - April 14thApril 15th - End of Season
Junior (18 & Under)$140$150

Notes About Rates

Memberships are subjected to the HST tax.  Goderich Sunset Golf Club recognizes the economic times that are upon us and offer payment plans.  Please contact Gary for details.  Membership dues are to be paid before your first round of golf, unless other arrangements have been made.

Guaranteed Membership Program

Our Guaranteed Membership Program offers great value!

We know that everyone joins with the best intentions of playing regularly throughout the season, but things due pop up, like weather, medical issues, family holiday’s, etc.

We want everyone to enjoy their membership and not be disappointed at the end of the year, that they didn’t get  value from their membership.

For example, an Adult Memberships will be prorated based on 25 games. If you play 20 games, your membership will be reduced by 5 regular green fees from your full membership rate for the next year.  If you’re a new member, and receive our 25% off your membership fee, this is the fee that will be prorated.

The following number of rounds are considered “break-even” for 2021 at a prime rate $48.00 green fee:

Adult Membership25 rounds
Weekday Membership22 rounds
Couples Membership43 rounds (between both people)
Weekday Couple38 rounds (between both people)
Intermediate14 rounds
Intermediate Couple25 rounds (between both people)

Each 9 Holes will be recorded and added up at the end of the year at a 9 Hole Green Fee Rate that will count towards the break-even round total.

The Baby Boomer Par 3 Course counts as 9 Holes towards the break even round total.

If you meet or exceed the  “break-even” number of rounds,  your cost for the following year is the full membership fee.


In order to qualify for this program, you MUST register in the Proshop membership sign- in book prior to you going out to play, every time you play a round. Failure to check-in and sign the book in the Proshop will result in a loss of eligibility for the program.

This trial program is only applicable to the year immediately following the year in which the full membership cost was paid. After the discount year, full membership cost is once again applicable.

This program is available for anyone who purchases their membership by May 10, 2021.

All new members of both Sunset and Baby Boomer golf courses receive a range membership with the purchase of their golf membership.

Driving Range

Non-member Adult$300
Non-Member Couple$325
Non-Member Family$375

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