This is my second Ladies Golf Clinic with Ashley and she did not disappoint. Ashley makes you feel like you're having a private lesson even though you're in a group. She takes the time to analyze and coach each individual. Her expert tips are always helpful in improving my game. I really appreciate the follow up after my private lesson, which was included in the clinic. The tips on set up and swing thoughts are extremely helpful in improving my consistency throughout my game. Thank you Ashley!

Sheryl Rainey, USA

I really enjoyed Ashley’s Learn to Golf course.  Not only did she managed to teach  me  about the different clubs and how and when to use them during the game but backed up each lesson with handouts and review video  for extra support.  Her lessons were inspiring and a lot of fun, she made everything about the game of golf, a game that I thought wasn’t for me, tangible and possible!  Apart from learning new skills it was a great way to meet a lovely supportive group of people and I would do it again in a heart beat.

Mandy Dakin, England

One of the best if not the best teaching professional in the area!

"I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the talents and skills of Ashley Gravett, the teaching professional at the Goderich Sunset Golf Club. In my younger years I was an avid golfer, but because of shift work I had to curtail my golfing endeavors. Now that retirement has arrived I have returned to the game. Since moving to the area Id is covered this gem of a golf course, and decided it was time to update my equipment and take some lessons to rid myself of many bad habits. This is where I encountered Ashley Gravett, and in short, has taken my game to a new level of skill.

To begin with, let me state that she is a teacher on many levels. Primarily, her communication skills are unsurpassed. To use my personal flaws as an example she has taught me to first of all, to visualize the “shot”, from the standpoint distance, trajectory and placement. Secondly, the swing must be mechanical in nature, and this envelops all the aspects of the swing, steady head, proper hand placement, correct posture etc. All these things are communicated in a casual and interesting manner and reinforced through repetition. The one thing that Ashley does is she analyzes the major areas of problem. Following the lesson she emails a lesson plan summarizing the areas covered and as well drills to use and practice on the range. As well Ashley has developed a winter program emphasizing core strength and swing analysis, and I found this to be innovative and informative and basically worth every cent invested, it gets the season off to a great start.

I can not over emphasize the knowledge, skills level, and communication skills that Ashley possesses. She has the capability to take anyone’s game skills to a new level, no matter if you are a man, woman, “hacker” or “scratch golfer”.  I can honestly say that Ashley has taken my golf game to a new level and I look forward to seeking her assistance in improving my game and taking it to a new level. Ashley, in my opinion is one of the best teaching professionals in the area!"

Gary Maycock
Kincardine, Ontario

As a ‘once-a-year’ self-taught golfer, I was looking to improve my game so I can golf more frequently with family and friends. The info Ashley provided on the Goderich Sunset Golf Club web site about the variety of lessons offered and her approach to instruction made it an easy decision to schedule time with her while on vacation in Huron County.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Ashley. She provided feedback on my grip, swing and mechanics that was easy to incorporate. She also emailed me after each lesson with personalized reminders, training information, and practice tips. She provided just what I was looking for—increased confidence and sound fundamentals to build on.

Ashley was very easy to talk to and to learn with. She is clearly passionate about cultivating positive relationships with clients, members and visitors. I look forward to keeping in touch with Ashley for further instruction.

Brad Hughes
Waterloo, Ontario

“Ashley is a true professional. Her approach with me has been very simple, focusing on the fundamentals and helping me understand the golf swing.  One of her strengths is that she can take a very complex thing like the golf swing, and break it down into manageable bits so that I could understand and implement new swing patterns. She understand the golf swing better than anyone I know and truly cares about the results you have out on the course after instruction. Her pointers have really changed my game. I have so much more confidence and knowledge about the golf swing. Her attention to detail and the enthusiasm that she brings is what makes her such a great teacher. If you want to improve your golf game, call Ashley.”

J. Walden

I would like to thank Ashley for improving my golf game!  I have had the pleasure of attending both private lessons and a three week workshop in golf techniques, course management, golf fitness exercises and the mental aspect of the game.  Ashley sees your swing, analyses it and corrects the problem with knowledge and finesse.  She has such a pleasing personality and is very encouraging while giving you instruction.  She sends you a reminder e-mail which has been very helpful in remembering what she has taught you.  If you fall back into a bad habit, you can ask her about it and she doesn't hesitate to help you get back on track.  I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her.  It was a pleasure and an honor to have had her expertise in helping me correct my swing.

Thank you again Ashley!

Mary Eddy
California, USA

From 94 - 78 in 21 days !!‏

I just a little note to thank you for destroying my handicap!!

I simply cannot believe what a wonderful benefit I got from your golf clinics. I truly "got" something from each session and I think that overall it is your own very positive attitude to your students that had such a magical effect on this grumpy, not so young golfer. Hoping I can bring this new me to the Old Head in Kinsale for the summer!

Keep a record of my 16 shot improvement and let me know if anyone betters it.

Hope to see back in the TCI next year.

Best Wishes

Emer O'Sullivan

Golf lessons with Ashley - highly recommended!

Ashley identified particular areas of fitness that she felt we each needed to work on and then concentrated on helping us to improve each element of our golf skills: she emphasized the role of muscle memory in the golf swing, then demonstrated and explained the downswing, the follow through, chipping and putting, all backed up with excellent handouts for homework. She particularly spent a good deal of time explaining to us the Think Box, Play Box principle - the mental approach to playing the game which so strongly affects the way we approach and play each shot.
We were a group of five women participating in the course. I believe I speak for all of us when I say we had fun, we learned a tremendous amount and we are now playing stronger, better golf as a result. Ashley is a good communicator, she has a very positive, encouraging attitude and her sunny personality is a perfect fit here in the Turks and Caicos Islands!

Enjoy your spring and summer in Canada, Ashley. We look forward to welcoming you back to Provo next winter!

Lesley Stevenson

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