Boom Gravett 27 Hole SR Scramble

Boom Gravett Memorial 27 Hole Senior Scramble Results:

Congratulations to Overall Winners:  Dave Neilpovitz, Gary Chambers, George McDonald and Don Turcotte with an impressive score of 79 for 27 holes. 

A Flight WINNERS with an 83 in RETRO: 

Bill King, Roger Amellote, Kent Schaefer and Rick Hodgins

A Flight Second with an 83: 

Wayne Davies, Wayne Forbes and Don Hurst

B Flight Winner with an 87: 

Lou Battaino, Bob Surridge, Dave Cooper and Mike Reaume

B Flight Second with an 88: 

Bill Peters, Paul Dougherty, Scott Fuller and Bob Fuller

C Flight Winner with 91 in RETO:  

Bill Ballagh, Wayne Johnston, Bob Robinson and Don Edgar

C Flight Second with a 91:  

John Hoy, Graham Hamilton, Ron Sowerby and Roger Lewis

L-R: Don Turcotte, Dave Neilpovitz, George McDonald and Gary Chambers