Couples Chapman Tourney: Sat Sept 18th

Chapman Format:

  • Both golfers hit their drives;
  • Each plays the other’s ball for the second shots;
  • The best of the second shots is selected, and from there the two partners play alternate shot into the hole.

Our 2021 Tournaments Have the Following Guidelines:

1. Tee Time start: you will see on the poster the start time for each tournament. You are able to request a start time that is between the hours set out on the poster based on availability and out 10 minute tee time intervals.

2. Deluxe Boxed Lunch: this will be a step up from your traditional tournament lunch filled with a delicious meal made by Lynne and homemade goodies. This will be made available at the turn.

3. No Roast Beef dinners: there is so much uncertainty with what will be open and if dining rooms will be and what capacity we have chosen to not include these dinners this season.  

4. Prizes: will be gift certificates that will be mailed out to your team captain. Results will be posted on the Website following the tournament where you can review.

5. Power Carts: if you drive together to the golf course or are from the same bubble you are allowed to ride together.  Other wise if needed a divider will be provided for you.  

6. Arriving at Golf Course: you are able to arrive 30 minutes prior to your tee time if you wish to hit your complementary warm up bucket.

We ran our tournaments last season with the above guidelines and were thrilled with the response from golfers.  We can’t wait to see you at the Goderich Sunset Golf Club to help us celebrate our 50th Anniversary.

Registration must be done by email so please send to Ashley at with your teams names and a tee time starting time based on availability.