FIT FORE GOLF: Off Season Program


Ready to get into game shape?  Looking for a fun, convenient and result proven system to finally understand your body and break through your current limitations on the golf course?

FRIEND! The Off Season Training: Fit Fore Golf Program is here to help. This 3-month 90 DAY online program is designed to teach you all the essential how-to’s you’ve been googling (low back pain relief, core strengthening, how to practice, swing drills, flexibility exercises…just to name a few)

Here’s the best part:  We are all stuck at home right now and what better way to maximize your time is an AT HOME fitness plan designated to make you a stronger more powerful golfer come the spring.  Workouts are short, designed this so you CAN and WILL get your results!

You’re in the right “PLACE” if you want to learn how to:

  • Build a repeatable and consistent swing
    Decrease low back pain so you can ditch the Advil bottle every time you play.
  • Increase self-control & DECREASE stress.
  • Get out of your own way mentally on the course
  • Have consistent ball striking
  • Become more flexible, stronger, and have more endurance so you can play more golf
  • Feel more POWERFUL
  • Improve accuracy
  • Feel strong throughout ALL 18 holes
  • and who doesn’t want to take a few stokes off!


    • 10+ Workout Videos to help every level of golfer (showing modification for injuries)
    • It’s a program that YOU can do anywhere!
    • Strength Training, circuit training, functional patterns, yoga and more to help maximize your success!!
  • We have 6 Golf Drills that can be done at home at your convenience to work on fine tuning those skills.
  • Each week of the 12 Week Program you will be getting a Video: Fitness or Golf Drill, Meditation and more!  This is a lifestyle it is not a quick fix.
  • Private Facebook group that will keep you accountable, focused and motivated!
    • If you don’t have Facebook that’s fine too we will be sending out weekly emails to check in, give updates and send extra motivation!!
  • 3 LIVE FACEBOOK chats that can be listened to LIVE or after on the REPEAT!
  • 12 Week Mental Game Prep: each week you will receive a book, article, podcast, video giving you all the puzzle pieces to work on during the off season to maximize your time but also your results come golf season.

Please Note:  INJURIES ARE WELCOME!  We have modifications, or simply other exercises to do based on your fitness level, mobility or injuries for all levels.

If you know me you KNOW it’s my life’s mission to show you the road map to successful/pain-free golf, avoid all the unnecessary pitfalls, and tap into your personal RECORD breaking athletic potential. It’s in there, friend!

EARLY BIRD PRICING $149 registered and paid by December 10th the fee will increase to $169 from December 10th – Jan 3rd.

Email Ashley to sign up at